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      "Well, in the first place, they got that Joslyn and Mackall to mark a big number 79 on their tents, and then put the same, with their names, on a sheet of paper, and take it up to the Captain's tent.

      Shorty's hair tried to stand on end."Certain? Come right over here to that ranch, and have a drink, and I'll show you, so's you can't be mistaken. I tell you, I'm solid as a rock with him."

      "Yes, boss. Got shot in de thigh in de battle, an' den had de feber. He's de very best man in de world, and I'd do ennyt'ing to help him. He's jest starvin' to def. I can't git nuffin' dat'll lay on his stummick, and stick to his ribs. I've done ransacked de hull camp and de country clean up to Jineral Bragg's Headquartehs. De tings dat I couldn't git wuz eider chained down, or had a man wid a gun ober dem. Foh Gawd's sake, boss, jist gib me a half a cupful for him."

      The mother heard the scream and the words, and hurried into the room.


      Si looked down the road and saw returning a wagon which had been sent out in the morning for forage. It was well loaded, and the guards who were marching behind had a few chickens and other supplies that they had gathered up.During the night a train came up, carrying a regiment of entirely new troops. In the morning these scattered over the ground, scanning everything with the greatest interest and drinking in every detail of the thrilling events of the previous night.


      "You say you're union," he said. "If that's so, you've nothin' to fear from us. We're union soldiers. But what was that signal with the horn, and where was this girl goin'?""I should think it'd be a bold man that'd try to make you his slave. Madam," Si ventured.


      "Mustn't do that," objected Si. "Put angwintum on you and get wet, and you'll be salivated. You ought to know that.""Your men," sneered Shorty. "You talk as if they was niggers, and not white men. Who made 'em yours?"