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      "Are you going to search every tree in the woods?" he asked sarcastically.SHORTY FALLS A VICTIM TO HIS GAMBLING PROPENSITIES.

      'let Yer Nails Grow; Ye'll Need 'em' 097 Shouting the battle cry of freedom.

      "I thought you'd want to know what happened to Spike Talley," said Pen."I've no one to write to," he said.

      "Please tell Mr. Riever that I shall be happy to see him at any time."

      "We'll have something, all the same," said Shorty, with a wink of enjoyable anticipation at Si.



      "Delehanty! ... Wanted you!" he said amazed. It was too much for him.It was the Wagon Master, and his calmness was that of exhaustion. He had yelled and sworn himself dry, and was collecting another fund of abuse to spout at men and animals.


      "YOU can take it easy to-day, boys, for we ain't goin' to move!" said the Orderly of Co. Q one morning at roll-call. "The orders is for to put the camp in nice shape, and for the men to wash up. We're goin' to have an extra ration of soap this mornin', and you fellows want to stir around lively and fix yerselves as if it was Sunday and ye was goin' to meetin'. The fust thing after breakfast all hands 'll turn out and p'leece ther camp.""Just wait," said Shorty hopefully. "Old Rosy knows what he's doin'. He's got enough here for the business."